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Who we are

Who we are.

F&P Tech are here to lead the change through customer-focused, value-driven innovation. With a core focus of ‘accelerating the future to improve people’s lives’, we’ve been creating smart, connective and customised drive systems since 1992.

We’ve now powered a new solution - June365, a personalised health & wellness experience, designed and calibrated for you.

A global family.

A global family
A strong ground to launch from.

A strong ground to launch from.

Born from a global organisation, we have the benefit of lessons learned and a history of innovation.

We have a strong foundation of long established supply chains, manufacturing and organisational expertise which delivers - each and every time.

Paving our own way, we’re agile, innovative and passionate. We have a bold mission to improve lives every step of the way.

Powered by homegrown innovation.

As part of Fisher and Paykel Technologies, we’re able to create smart, connected and customised drive systems that deliver value.

Which means we are able to use the latest technologies to help your workplace move more efficiently into the future of wellness solutions.

Powered by homegrown innovation.
Our innovation journey.

Our innovation journey.

We have set out with a single goal. To design revolutionary new ways of supporting people to lead active, long and healthy lives.

Having seen the challenges our society faces, we’ve found we can improve quality of life by providing a solution which supports organisations to address the the physical wellness and wellbeing of individuals.

In 2019 we set out to develop a new, revolutionary way to use a smart motor to support people to lead amore active life.

We hold true to our values.

Our values have helped us to innovate, collaborate and create a unique solution which we believe, can really help people everywhere lead more active lives.

Our foundations are built on transparency, integrity, care and respect. We’re clear on our why, committed to our cause and an open book. Feel free to ask us anything.

We hold true to our values.

We want to work with you.

We want to surround ourselves with those who want to collaborate, create and connect to make a difference and effect lasting change. Be it at the start of a journey or well on their way, we want to work with like minds today and into the future.

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Interested in corporate wellness?

June365 is available for organisations looking to reimagine how they support their people to improve their physical wellness whilst improving productivity and performance everywhere they work.

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