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There’s a massive issue
impacting 80% of your employees.

It cost’s your business
& impacts their wellbeing

It effects workplace performance,
collaboration and health.

It could mean the difference between
surviving & thriving.

work days

That’s a staggering


Per Annum

per 100 employees*

workout my cost

*Based on average salary of $65,000 P/A

It activates the 80% of YOUR employees
who are struggling.

The benefit is immediate
and lasts up to 21 hours.*

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What impact could you make with 11 minutes a day?

The brain’s oxygen demands are enormous, consuming 20 percent of the body’s total oxygen supply.

Boosting oxygen to the brain improves cognitive function, focuses the mind, improves performance, enhances our interpersonal relationships and reduces the risk of workplace burnout and injury.

With just 11 minutes a day, resistance based strength training creates an instant oxygen boost which can have immediate impact lasting up to 21 hours*.

What impact could you make with 11 minutes a day?
Improve employee performance, collaboration & health.

Reduce workplace burnout & injury.

Burnout and workplace injury is on the rise and workplace wellbeing is a top priority for business leaders.

Musckuloskeletal injuries are the number one cause of workplace injury across Australia & New Zealand*.The pandemic, remote work and increasingly sedentary lifestyles have compounded the impact of this issue.

Reduce workplace burnout & injury.
Workouts to boost mental firepower.

Let’s challenge the status quo together.

June365 is available for businesses who want to improve workplace
performance and the physical health of their people - wherever they work.

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“Being physically active is a big part of personal wellness and that’s why we’re getting on board with June365.”

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“We’re excited about the proactive, sustainable health and wellness benefits that June365 can bring for our people.”

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June365 is your key to unlocking the full potential of your people.
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