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Pit shop - Abel Tasman
Fun facts about Abel Tasman
Lake Taupo
Fox Glacier was named after the former New Zealand Prime Minister, Sir William Fox, after he painted a beautiful watercolour of the glacier upon his visit in 1872.
Taupo region
‘Fox Glacier’ is known as ‘Te Moeka o Tuawe’ in Maori meaning ‘The bed of Tuawe’. Maori legend tells us that  Tuawe was exploring the valley with his beloved Hine Hukatere and was sadly swept away by an avalanche.  Her tears of sorrow were made into glaciers by Rangi the Sky Father and Fox Glacier became Tuawe’s resting place.  

Ancient pohutukawa
Fox Glacier has been the cause of flash flooding for thousands of years. Melted snow and rain gather in the gaps between the two mountain sides and slowly freeze. Liquid water remains trapped and is released when the parts of the glacier holding it back finally break.

Wellness Workshop - Stress Management


Stress Management

Stress is a word we hear often in the workplace and in our personal lives.   We usually tend to see stress as a bad thing, but there are different types of stress and some stress can actually help us thrive, excite us and help us overcome challenges.  The “bad” stress however, can lead to a breakdown in our relationships, affect our performance at work and ultimately take a toll on our health.
This fortnight, June will be talking about ways to manage stress by creating a toolbox of techniques and activities that you can use when you need it.  She’ll also be teaching you how to identify good stress or “Eustress” and ways to maximise the positive effects it will have on your day.
 This is a really important topic, so make sure you tune in!


Ice Climbing

Whether you're an expert explorer or a novice thrill seeker, our adventure challenge at Fox Glacier will leave you breathless. We’ll take a scenic helicopter ride up to a remote and stunning part of the glacier where you will be conquering vertical climbs, overhanging ice walls and sparkling pinnacles, led by June herself. Ice picks in hand and crampons fastened tight - let’s head up to the beautiful Fox Glacier!   

Adventure Workout - Ice Climbing
Land Sailing

live team adventure score so far



Of sand dunnes covered!

Get social

Get social

An adventure on the beach is not complete without building a sandcastle and that’s the first social challenge at pit stop one. Get creative, get the whanau involved and show off your castle creations.  

Can’t get to a beach or don’t have access to a sandbox?  Well, this is your time to let that ingenuity shine through and use whatever you have on hand to make your version of a sandcastle.  Use art supplies, get digital or even create something edible – the possibilities are endless! Remember to share your creation via our <way to share on social platform>.