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How you invest in employees will differentiate you from your competitors.

We need to rethink how we attract, engage, and retain the talent required to be successful.

Burnout is on the rise and is putting your best people at risk.

Burnout is on the rise and is putting your best people at risk.

28% of workers experience burnout very often

The impact is extensive.

Lower Productivity

Lower Work Quality


Lower Productivity

Lower Work Quality


Burnout at an individual level.


Calculate the impact.

What are you doing to address burnout, build resilience & improve performance?

Resistance training is effective.

It’s proven to be effective in increasing wellbeing, personal accomplishment and reduce perceived stress.*

Research shows that after four weeks of resistance exercise participants experience greater positive wellbeing and personal accomplishment. As a result, this meant less psychological distress, perceived stress, and emotional exhaustion.*

Resistance training is effective.
Happiness leads to success. Exercise make you happy.

Happiness leads to success. Exercise make you happy.*

Moods are contagious.

Resistance training is the best way to create a sustained increase in mental Firepower*, however it is not typically easy to do because people find it confusing and intimidating. Resistance training requires equipment and the knowledge of how and when to work different muscles. This requires a personal trainer and gym contract but people don’t stick to the gym.

per day is all it takes to make an impact with June365.

* Based on current exchange rates. Plans will be billed in your local currency.

The benefit of an active day is immediate.
Personalised for maximise impact.

Personalised for maximum impact.

June365 provides resistance sessions designed to get your people moving from the comfort of home so you can support your people everywhere they work and live.

Designed to improve muscle tone, strength and flexibility through functional strength based exercises, enabling your team to lead a more active lifestyle while reaping the benefit in your organisation has never been simpler.

Understand the impact

June365 measures the progress of employees to help you measure the resilience, productivity, and happiness of your people.

We encourage businesses to compare these metrics against internal performance measures.

User Metrics >

System Metrics >

User Satisfaction >




Social Interaction

Work performance

Sense of accomplishment

Join leading organisations.

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June365 is available for organisations looking to reimagine how they support their people to improve their physical wellness whilst improving productivity and performance everywhere they work.

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