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Pit shop - CAPE REINGA
Fun facts about Cape Reinga
Lake Taupo
The name of the Cape comes from the Māori word 'Reinga', meaning the 'Underworld'. Another Māori name is 'Te Rerenga Wairua', meaning the leaping-off place of spirits. These refer to the belief that the Cape is the point where the spirits of the dead enter the underworld.
Cape Reinga Lighthouse
The Cape Reinga Lighthouse is located at the top of the North Island of New Zealand. It is one of the first lights that shipping observes when arriving from the Tasman Sea and North Pacific Ocean.
Ancient pohutukawa
The ancient pohutukawa at Cape Reinga is extremely significant to the Maori people and is known as the “place of leaping”.

The tree is over 800 years old and is known as the “Spirits pathway” - legend has it that this tree has never bloomed.
Healthy living with June

Healthy living with june

Functional Movement

We all know that moving our bodies regularly is essential for improving wellness. Functional movement is the best way to exercise – you’ll reduce the chances of injury, boost your performance, build confidence and burn fat. With exercises that mimic everyday movements you’ll develop a training habit for life and reap the benefits. Visit the June365 blog to find out more.


Land Sailing

The first adventure is all about getting your heart pumping and muscles moving as you enter a land sailing race on 90 mile beach. This adrenaline-fuelled challenge will have you braving the elements, taking on the wind and sand as you battle to the finish line.You’ll be putting to the test all the exercises and tips you’ve learnt this fortnight, pushing yourself to the limit and bringing home that land sailing championship trophy! Are you up for the challenge?

Adventure workout - Land Sailing
Land Sailing

team adventure score so far



Of sand dunes covered!

Get social

Get social

An adventure on the beach is not complete without building a sandcastle and that’s the first social challenge at pit stop one. Get creative, get the whanau involved and show off your castle creations.

Can’t get to a beach or don’t have access to a sandbox? Well, this is your time to let that ingenuity shine through and use whatever you have on hand to make your version of a sandcastle. Use art supplies, get digital or even create something edible – the possibilities are endless! Remember to share your creation via June365 Facebook Community page.