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Pit shop - Tongariro
Fun facts about Tongariro
Lake Taupo
Within Tongariro National Park is an active volcanic zone made up of the three volcanoes, Mount Ruapehu, Mount Ngaruahoe, and Mount Tongariro. Most of the waterfalls and mountainous terrain in the park are results of volcanic activity.
Taupo region
The toughest part of the Tongariro crossing is known to be the ‘Devil’s Staircase” as you ascend from 1400m to 1600m. However, the pain will be forgotten when you take in the beauty of the Emerald Lakes.  
Ancient pohutukawa
For Lord of the Rings fans, ‘Mount Doom’ that you see in the films is actually Mount Ngauruhoe, an active stratovolcano that can only be climbed while doing the Tongariro Crossing.     
Wellness Workshop - Sleep

Healthy living with june


Adequate sleep has so many health benefits however, on the opposite end of the spectrum, sleep deprivation can have severe adverse effects on our mental and physical wellbeing. Join June as she takes you through the benefits of having the right quantity and quality of sleep and how this ties in with muscle recovery and aids weight loss. She’ll also help you learn how to structure a bedtime routine and design the right sleep environment, helping you wind down and make your zzzs count!  



Where better to take on a geology exploration than one of the world’s most dramatic and unique terrains. With its violent past, thanks to tumultuous volcanic activity, Tongariro National Park is filled with lakes, craters and valleys just waiting to be explored. You’ll be using exercises from our workouts to conquer this challenge as you climb, trek and dig your way across the Tongariro Crossing on a very important geology expedition! 

Adventure Workout - Trekking
Land Sailing - Tongariro

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Get social

Get social

Aotearoa is packed with fun walks, trails, treks and hikes that are perfect for this fortnight's social challenge. Get out with your whanau and friends and take on a walking trail or hike and make a day of it. Let us know how you got on by sharing your trail map, steps taken, or distance covered. 

Remember to take some snaps of what you see along the way - you’re likely to come across some hidden gems. We look forward to seeing where this challenge takes you!