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Meet June

Meet June.

Your digital coach, motivator and biggest supporter.

June teaches you the exercises and correct technique; then throughout the workout, provides you with guidance on how to improve your technique whilst motivating you to continue to improve with each set.

Invididulised workouts designed to help you meet your goals.

A smart gym that makes a functional difference.

Adaptive resistance through world leading smart motor technology provides a truly tailored approach to strength training.

With three different resistance modes that are used for different exercises and workout experiences, the SmartDeck offers free weight, variable resistance, and eccentric overloading modes.

Intuitive SmartDeck technology.

Fisher & Paykel

Automatic calibration

June365 automatically calibrates and adjusts the weight and resistance modes while you rest.

Fisher & Paykel

Expert motion sensing technology

Movement sensing, patent pending technology, allows June to give you real-time feedback on your form.

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60 functional strength based exercises

June365 supports 60+ functional strength based exercises with varying levels of resistance.

Your workout automatically tailored for your goals.

The thinking is done for you - and scientifically based.

Each session is personalised and based on your goals, level of fitness and amount of time you want to commit each week. All this whilst taking into account the kind of activities you enjoy.

Weight is automatically adjusted between each exercise and different resistance modes create variety and effective workouts for you each and every time.

It’s world class coaching, simple, easy and from the comfort of home.

An immersive audio & voice responsive experience.

Self-directed and interactive 360° immersive audio. The audio experience enables June to help transport you into a focused mental zone where you are guided through workouts, adventure challenges and motivation without the distraction of screens.

This kind of coaching connects your mind, body and senses and coupled with real-time feedback, you can focus on movement, form and technique correction and adapt to continually improve, getting the most from every workout.

Meet June
Creating meaningful change.

The smart way to be healthy.

The June365 app enables you to access June anytime, anywhere from your smart phone.

Whether you’re completing a wellness check-in, getting ready to jump on the SmartDeck for a workout or adventure challenge, or you’re seeking wellbeing and support from June, you’ll be engaged in new ways from the tip of your fingers.

Immerse yourself in a new way of working out.

Adventure based team challenges.

Immerse yourself in interactive adventures.

Choose from a library of on demand adventures. Climb rockfaces within the Amazon rainforest, go sand boarding at 90 Mile Beach or escape to the Alps to go skiing all from the comfort of their home.

Creating meaningful change.
Beyond just a workout.
Beyond just a workout.
Beyond just a workout.
Beyond just a workout.
Beyond just a workout.

Beyond just a workout.

June educates and motivates you on ways to improve your overall wellbeing including sleep habits, diet, mood, stress and exercise.

Providing an array of wellbeing support and gentle nudges, you will be educated on ways you can incorporate foundational habits into your everyday life.

Interested in corporate wellness?

June365 is available for organisations looking to reimagine how they support their people to improve their physical wellness whilst improving productivity and performance everywhere they work.

Book a call to learn how June365 can help your business and people thrive.

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