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Right beside you, every step of the way.

Your biggest motivator, personal trainer and coach, June is available on demand 24/7 to fit in with your lifestyle and support you to lead a more active lifestyle.

Support to achieve your goals.

Once you set your goals with June, each workout session is completely personalised to suit your needs, focus areas, current fitness level and fitness goals.

With tailored workouts, each session focuses on supporting you to maximise the impact and benefit for your body and fitness. Focusing on strength based resistance training, June varies workouts to keep them interesting and effectively target different muscle groups helping build your functional strength with every session.

Support to achieve your goals.
Improve your form and technique.

Improve your form and technique.

With real-time sensing from the SmartDeck, June is able to analyse your movement and provide you with instant feedback on your form and technique.

Along with her team of trainers, June guides you through personalised workout sessions focusing on improving your form and technique. Each workout is optimised for safety and effectiveness helping you achieve your fitness and functional strength goals.

The ultimate audio based workout experience.

Immersive audio & interactive voice experience.

Through immersive audio & interactive voice responsive technology, switch off from screen time and focus in on yourself and each workout session.

June will coach you during each session providing you feedback via 360° immersive audio. With the ability to respond to June directly using voice responsive technology, having a personal trainer right beside you from the comfort of home has been made even easier.

Immersive audio & interactive voice experience.
Available anywhere, anytime.

Available anywhere, anytime.*

June is available on demand so you can access support and coaching that adapts to your lifestyle and helps you to achieve improved physical health & wellbeing.

Whether it’s completing a wellness check-in, getting ready to jump on the SmartDeck for a workout or to access wellbeing support, June’s beside you every step.

*Disclaimer: June365 SmartDeck should be used on a flat surface in a dry area and in accordance with operating June365 instructions.

Your coach and your biggest motivator.

Showing you what to do.

With coaching demonstrations for each exercise as you learn them, June will teach you how to perform the 60+ different exercises with the correct form and technique.

As you progress and improve with each workout, June will guide you with audio only instructions.

What to do
More than just a workout.

More than just a workout.

The June365 experience takes you beyond just physical fitness.

June helps you improve your holistic wellbeing and incorporate foundation habits that can make a difference. Educating and motivating you, June will help support you to improve your sleep habits, nutrition and hydration.

Interested in corporate wellness?

June365 is available for organisations looking to reimagine how they support their people to improve their physical wellness whilst improving productivity and performance everywhere they work.

Book a call to learn how June365 can help your business and people thrive.

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