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Health & Safety

We’re on a mission to create a healthier workplace.

We believe the foundation for a safe work environment is a proactive injury prevention and physical wellness strategy.

Musculoskeletal injuries cause the majority of occupational ill health.*

Every type of employment carries safety risks, whether you work in an office or a factory. Millions suffer from work-related injuries on the job every year.*

Workplace injuries affect health, and being injured on the job can contribute to employee stress, job dissatisfaction, and turnover intent.


We believe investing and improving body performance is a necessity for manual workers.

State of the tradie.

State of the tradie.

Trade workers have had the highest number of work-related injury claims by occupation since 2007.*

And whilst they recognise that their work is physically demanding, overall workplace culture appears to lean towards an attitude of toughing it out.

Sprains and strains account for one third of injuries.*

69% believe that being sore is normal for the work they do.
Sprains and strains account for one third of injuries.
Sprains and strains account for one third of injuries.

The impact of workplace injury is extensive.

The injury itself is just the tip of the iceberg. It can touch everyone within an organisation, from CEO to customer.

The bulk of injury costs are hidden. Direct costs like absenteeism, overtime, admin and levies are reasonably easy to calculate, but the costs of recruitment, retention, overstaffing, customer satisfaction and presenteeism are difficult to quantify.


We must shift from reactive to proactive.

Proactive prevention.

Implementing a proactive approach is the key for allowing continued business growth.

Moving from mitigation and minimisation, to a prevention approach will enable many problems to be averted before they start, rather than creating a perpetual state of damage control.

Proactive prevention.
Automation evolves physical roles.

Automation evolves physical roles.

When robots and automation are implemented in a business effectively, they don’t replace jobs - they augment them to drive greater productivity.

As physical roles evolve, employees must consider the adverse affects a more sedentary role will have on their body.

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Are we using the right tools?

One time training doesn’t cut it.

Manual handing training only usually happens during inductions.

Employees need continuous support with physical strength training and safe manual handling education to perform at their best every day without injuring themselves.

One time training doesn’t cut it.
Employees need more than a gym membership.

Employees need more than a gym membership.

Organisations who offer physical activity as part of their wellbeing strategy often turn to gym memberships or group classes.

Without properly integrating wellbeing into company culture, these methods can fall flat and fast, and don’t return the investment you need out of your workforce.

It’s time to invest in the physical health of your people.

per day is all it takes to make an impact with June365.

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The benefit of an active day is immediate.
Personalised for impact.

Personalised for maximum impact.

June365 provides resistance sessions designed to get your people moving from the comfort of home so you can support your people everywhere they work and live.

Designed to improve muscle tone, strength and flexibility through functional strength based exercises, enabling your team to lead a more active lifestyle while reaping the benefit in your organisation has never been simpler.

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It’s time to invest in the physical health of your people.

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